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Medical Center Construction

Healthcare construction is complex and critical. To meet that challenge, you need a collaborative team with experience in building in the healthcare sector to work closely with you from conceptual design to project delivery.

Alleato provides the expertise needed for successful medical center construction. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you at every stage to provide the communication, cooperation, and teamwork to get the job done right, bringing together all stakeholders into close collaboration and working together to deliver a successful healthcare facility that provides superior care.

Additionally, our design-build services offer continuity from start to finish because the entire project is designed, managed, and built by our team.

Working With You Every Step of The Way

At Alleato Group, we understand how complex healthcare facilities are, and we’re committed to being your close partner at every stage to make you a success. You can rest assured that we are the sole responsible party for the project so that your risk is minimized.

We’ll closely manage the entire project from end-to-end to ensure that you get the highest quality and value for your project.

We Are Experts in the Industry

The Alleato team is made up of experts in hospital renovation and hospital construction. Healthcare facilities like hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers house complex operations and require enormously complex infrastructure. If your building team doesn’t have the proper skills and experience in delivering them, problems can arise that are disastrous to the schedule and budget and can affect the quality of patient care.

We are experienced healthcare builders who understand the complex requirements of healthcare facilities, and we utilize the most modern technology to assure the best results. Our Building Information Management software provides advanced 3D modeling and allows Alleato to check for clash detection and to identify and solve issues in advance of them becoming problems in the field. The ability to plan and determine logistical solutions early is critical in the healthcare space, where the sooner we can get a hospital online, the sooner our clients can have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

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Building Modern Facilities

Our experience means we know how to build state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for the latest medical advancements. As healthcare organizations strive to do more with less, you can depend on Alleato Group to deliver the most advanced healthcare facilities at the highest value.

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Putting Patient Care First

With all of the competing priorities involved in building a complex healthcare facility, the highest priority is patient care. At Alleato Group, we never lose site of that goal.

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Providing Effective Infection Control

When construction is required in occupied facilities, infection control is critical to the health and safety of construction workers, healthcare staff, and patients. At Alleato, we’re experienced in healthcare renovation and the construction techniques required to provide a safe environment.

We provide infection control anterooms at all entrances to construction spaces with adequate negative air pressure to prevent contamination to occupied areas. All personnel are trained in the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, eye protection, respirators, shoe covers, and coverall suits.

We constantly monitor all spaces as required so that we can safely work without disturbing operations or requiring expensive and disruptive shutdowns.